Why Solutions Group?


Solutions Group was created around a simple idea: to empower providers to collect their charges from payers – and not the patient. We strive each day to innovate new solutions to meet this vision and build our team with this passion always in mind.


We have built a business that has customer relationships with the type of trust that can only come with putting the client’s needs first. Our customers know us, and our expertise empowers us to guide them with key decisions that affect their organizations.  

Our solutions are designed to be a window, providing optics and clarity on reimbursement trends, such as high-deductible plans, and deliver real-world solutions to fortify providers from the rising tide of self-pay. 

​​​Our customers need to be able to count on the accuracy of our information, the reliability of our systems, and the relevance of our insights – and trust in what we are providing. Trust is our currency. 

A business such as ours also depends on the people within, and we have always chosen to work with the type of people who share our passion and commitment. We are very selective when adding to our team to ensure that we don’t lose sight of our original vision and purpose.

Last year, Solutions Group helped us avoid unmet deductibles on 65% of our accounts, yielding approximately $248,000 in increased revenue. We saw an average of $738 more per claim on the monitored accounts that later met their deductible.

Emergency Medical Services provider – Northeast Region